About me

Who I am - a brief version of my life’s story

She graduated "Zoia Kosmodemianskaia" Philology – History High School, Philology class. Then she attended courses at the Faculty of Law and International Relations. She took piano classes for 15 years and then she became a Fifa Agent (identification card no. 64 being on the list of FIFA agents using the last name of my current husband: Anamaria Reghecampf).

In 2008 she was appointed President of FC Buftea League Two, being the only in charge of the destiny of a League Two team. He became president of FC Snagov, team that was close to promote in League I. In 2012 became general manager of FC Concordia Chiajna saving the team from relegation. He took over the team in return with only 10 points scored in the first part of the championship. She formed the team in seven days and finished 7th place the championship. Wonder of season.

In 2013 he became CEO at FC Universitatea Cluj Liga I, who found it in a deplorable state. He took everything from 0, and only built an entire team in a few days during the winter transfers. He left the team a year later at 7th place, best place until then, regain agent, job that made her famous.

It is recognized football ambition and wickedness, when applicable for all teams which performed the general manager or president were in bankruptcy. He took only team built and finished in the top seven places. The teams they led did not have any budget. He did wonders where he went.

Now it has under contract the best footballers in the League and beyond.

She lives in Snagov where she says life is easier, given that she knows the people, the mayor, the councilmen and together they are a family. Being a football club president is not easy, being a very important position for which she has to work constantly to prove she deserves it.

She has two girls from her first marriage with basketball player Tiberiu Dumitrescu: Sarah and Rebecca.

She marries football player Laurentiu Aurelian Reghecampf on June 14, 2008 in Las Vegas after a relationship they had began 13 years ago and never finished. According to Anamaria, if you leave things half done in life, at some point you have to go back and finish it if you have a conscience! It’s what happened to them. They had a beautiful relationship based on love and respect that they never got to see come to fruition, and then life brought them back together after 13 years of not seeing each other and not speaking to each other at all.

On August 31, 2008 was born their son, Laurentiu Junior. Luca, Laurentiu’s son from his first marriage lives in Germany with his mother.

In November 2008, together with the entire family she supported her husband in his political career, when he was a candidate in European Parliament elections.

Anamaria’s official residence is in the United States, Las Vegas. She’s been living there for 10 years. In Romania she has a temporary domicile because most of her businesses are here (real estate, the sports management firm, etc).

She has a confectionery - pastry shop on the premises of Rin Grand Hotel.

She has a firm that imports soil with a capacity for water absorption much higher than usual, which reduces the water costs to more than half. Her product is unique, it has fertilizer properties and it is 100% ecological. You just need to add it to the root of the plant and water it immediately. It doesn’t need additional watering for three months (depending on the plant). For further details visit geohumus.ro or call 0735.157.472.

TV - my career in television

She is the first woman that was co-opted for the team of the Procesul Etapei show on Pro TV, the first woman to ever talk football. Afterwards she collaborated with Antena 1, Tele7 abc and other TV stations.

Four years ago, Teo Trandafir, a very dear friend of hers, convinced her to join the Romantica TV team where she hosted the morning show together with Catinca Roman and Nicoleta Voica. A year later, she had her own show: "Pe contre cu Anamaria Prodan".

Later on she gave it up, to go back to football, which is deeply rooted in her being. She went back in the middle of the game resuming her Fifa Agent occupation.

She had features in most of the successful magazines in the country and abroad. In addition to her frequent features in the local media (Playboy, High life, Fanatik, etc), there are also some features in the foreign media, such as Bild from Germany.


Sports Manager of the Year 2015

Romanian Oscar 2014 at PRO TV for the dress of the year

'Woman of the Year 2014' at the High Life & Business Magazine Gala

In 2014 'Manager of the Year' at the Romanian Football Gala

In 2014 'Manager of the Year' at the Fanatik Gala

In 2013 'Woman of the Year 2013' at the Fanatik Gala

In 2013 'Manager of the Year' at the Gala Ambasad'Or Vip

In 2013 'Manager of the Year' at the Confidential Gala

In 2013 'Manager of the Year 2013' at the Romanian Football Gala

In 2013 'Manager of the Year' at the Fanatik Gala

'Woman of the Year 2013' at the High Life & Business Magazine Gala

In 2012 'Manager of the Year' at the Fanatik Gala

In 2012 'Manager of the Year' at the Romanian Football Gala