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Biography - about Anamaria Prodan

She graduated "Zoia Kosmodemianskaia" Philology – History High School, Philology class. Then she attended courses at the Faculty of Law and International Relations. She took piano classes for 15 years and then she became a Fifa Agent.
In 2008 she was appointed President of FC Buftea League Two, being the only in charge of the destiny of a League Two team. He became president of FC Snagov, team that was close to promote in League I. In 2012 became general manager of FC Concordia Chiajna saving the team from relegation. He took over the team in return with only 10 points scored in the first part of the championship. She formed the team in seven days and finished 7th place the championship. Wonder of season.

In 2013 he became CEO at FC Universitatea Cluj Liga I, who found it in a deplorable state. He took everything from 0, and only built an entire team in a few days, during the winter transfers. He left the team a year later at 7th place, best place until then, regain agent, job that made her famous.

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